Our fully-vetted, national merchandising teams complete tasks at stores, on demand

ON-DEMAND MERCHANDISING TEAMS's on demand merchandising service is a flexible, cost-effective way to increase your merchandising presence without sacrificing quality. With tens of thousands of fully-vetted field reps located throughout the US, our merchandising services are available at any and all stores. We'll work closely with you to create schedules, routes, to-do lists, and training materials, and our quality control technology ensures that the work will be completed on time and meet your high standards.

merchandising services

Our merchandisers are trained and experienced with:

  • Stocking, facing, and rotating products

  • Setting up end caps, promotional fixtures, and point-of-sale displays

  • Affixing stickers and instantly redeemable coupons to your items

  • Retail Audits (Click here to learn more)


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