Case Study: Scan-Based Trading

Growing brand requires timely retail coverage for a complex retail footprint

All scan-based trading (SBT) vendors depend on speed to shelf: rapidly and consistently executing agreed placements with fully merchandised products, displays and fixtures. SBT vendors are required to have representatives visit each store location. With over 100 products for tech and phone accessories in over 10,000 stores across multiple retailers, our client has a fast-moving and complex retail footprint to manage. The brand relies on to be able to setup, restock, and generate actionable insights quickly, to keep their business expanding.

Combination of technology & national workforce provides speed at scale

Survey’s distributed field workforce restocks and replenishes 500+ stores per week. Reps set up displays in new stores and provide ongoing restocking and merchandising across 24 retailers. Tech-enabled data capture and streamlined reporting focuses on the brand’s priorities: display type and position in store, photos, store notes on opportunities and issues, and complete planogram reports. This provides transparency into their entire footprint, with compliance reporting and insights by product, store, and retailer. Survey’s combination of technology and field reps gives the brand’s inventory analysts the ability to manage complexity with ease. The client values the quick setup: they don’t have empty space at retail. Survey provides timely reporting, configured with the notes and pictures that are key to driving the business.

Targeted retail execution delivers strong activations in-store to drive growth

Survey sets up and merchandises with faster turn-arounds, accelerating new store installations by 50%, and providing targeted execution that reduces or eliminates empty shelves. Survey’s distributed field network and technology also surface time-critical data to the brand’s analysts and operations teams for corrective actions (sending new parts or displays), and to seize opportunities (up-sell to larger fixtures carrying broader product assortments).

Brands with time-sensitive retail execution needs trust us for speed and scale.

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