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Employee Spotlight: Panos Bethanis: The founder, the visionary, the CEO

Forbes' 40 under 40, a dad, a husband, a CEO--one man, many roles! Read on to see how he does it all:

Saayali: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role with the company.
Panos: I am the founder and CEO here at I fight with myself on a daily basis on what’s better- value or revenue. The founder (value) always wins and hopefully that means we build a good company.

S: Tell us about the journey that led to you starting
P: I wanted to combine my love for data and shopping and come up with a way to make money with those two. And thus, was born.

S: What is your vision for the people working with the company?
P: My aim is for them to maximize their potential and learn how to create value and enjoy it!

S: What 3 words best describe
P: Quality, Loyalty and Resiliance.

S: What is on your wishlist for the next 10 years for the company?
P: 10 years? (Laughs) I hope the people that started this company still work here.

S: What was your proudest moment of 2015?
P: When my son said "I love you"...In English first, and then in Greek, just to help me understand!

S: A law degree, several start-ups, Forbes 40 under 40, what's the plan for 2016?
P: I have one small, realistic goal in particular: For us to have 1 month where the company can afford to invest in its plans.

S: Okay, time for the fun questions! Favorite sport?
P: EU Football

S: Given a chance, who/what would you like to be for a day?
P: President of the United States!

S: Personal motto?
P: “You cannot teach hard work."

S: Favorite food?
P: Sushi.

S: People would be surprised if they knew…?
P: I build miniature models of cars, boats, ships...pretty much anything!

Marvelous Merchandiser Spotlight: Dennis Dolan Crook

Seasoned professional, Dennis, explains why is such a great fit for him and for anyone looking for some great work:

Saayali: Tell us about yourself.
Dennis Dolan Crook: I grew up in Cumberland, Rhode Island. I have a degree in Political Science and business.Upon completion of my university degree I became a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia, North Africa as a Heath Program business coordinator. After serving for 3 years, I returned to Washington DC and worked for the BCIU Institute while beginning my MBA, but midway was hired by Whittaker Corporation of Los Angeles to be the new head of Business Development for the Middle East based out of Dubai (where I lived for 8 years) & London. Upon completion of my work overseas I returned to Boston. For my first 4 years back in the USA I was an executive recruiter in finance but then founded CME International--an advisory firm in the energy sector covering projects in the USA, Canada, South America and North Africa. After selling my part in the company, I was hired by a British firm to expand their presence in California, Japan and China. After 12 years in California I returned to Rhode Island in late 2013. Since that time I have advised companies on expanding their businesses and opening offices in the USA, Caribbean, Ireland, Italy and Dubai.

S: Why did you choose to work with
DDC: A friend told me about this young, energetic company where I could find some assignments to supplement my income and keep me busy during my down time. It was a great fit!

S: How do you juggle your stable professional life with projects from
DDC: I make time for assignments with as I really like dealing and working with the professional team at I also love working with different store managers at all the different locations. I am a true people person.

S: What is your advice to people that have full-time jobs but may be considering for part-time work?
DDC: If you’re considering a great part time role I would highly recommend As a growing company they offer a great opportunity for everyone. I would even consider a full time role with I like their professional attitude and ability to manage growth.

S: What, in your opinion, makes unique?
DDC: is unique because they provide a service, that is absolutely needed, to their clients. I've noticed that when I show up at a client store and identify what my role is they really love the fact that someone is checking on their store and work.

S: What is your favorite part of the job?
DDC: Dealing with different stores and client products. I am a people person!

S: What goals has helped you accomplish?
DDC: It has kept me busy and on the road.

S:Favorite season? Why?
DDC:Late Spring as I love the Mediterranean with the wild flowers. I love the French and Greek wine and food, especially octopus marinated in wine, Greek fresh goat yogurt with fresh fruit and wild honey and the Greek BBQ. Yummy!

S:Any last thoughts? Anything you would want to share?
DDC: Follow your dreams. Anything is possible!

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Who is on the other end of the phone? Meet our talented recruiters:

Grace William-DuHamel

From: Brookline, MA
Favorite part of the job: The people
Fun fact: Grace loves hanging out at home with her cats
Cats/Dogs? : Cats!!
Advice for potential candidates: “Be honest, hardworking, flexible, and energetic.”

Cassio Salge

From: Brazil
Favorite part of the job: The people
Fun fact: Cassio used to be a tennis player in college
Cats/Dogs?: Dogs
Advice for potential candidates: “Get it done!”

Kayla Kenney

From: Rockland, MA
Favorite part of the job: Every day is different
Fun fact: Kayla can deadlift 225 pounds
Cats/Dogs?: Dogs
Advice for potential candidates: “Be reliable and flexible.”

Hans Orejuela

From: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite part of the job: The people
Fun fact: Hans has worked with the company for 13 years
Cats/Dogs?: Dogs
Advice for potential candidates: “Read directions!”

Sevinc Gorucu

From: New Jersey
Favorite part of the job: The office community
Fun fact: Sev is vegetarian
Cats/Dogs? : Dogs
Advice for potential candidates: “Always be honest about your work schedule so we can work with you.”

Uri Pierre-Noel

From: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite part of the job: The ability to connect with so many different people. It’s like having friends everywhere
Fun fact: Uri can speak 6 languages, but can tell jokes in only 4
Cats/Dogs?: Dogs
Advice for potential candidates: “Small opportunities are the first steps to great achievements.”

Amanda Quinlan

From: Southwick, MA
Favorite part of the job: Talking to people in other areas of the country and building working relationships with them
Fun fact: Although Amanda comes off as a people person, she is quite shy! Cats/Dogs?: Dogs, but also cats. So both!
Advice for potential candidates: "Don't be weary about calling with questions or issues. Chances are, if you're running into a situation, we've seen it before and can guide you through it."