is more than just market research. We are a cutting edge, Mobile Data Marketing engine. Our App and SurvOne™ technology empowers brands to interact and engage new and existing customers with pin-point accuracy in both time and location. We target consumers with precision to put your brand in from of those whose interest in you product or services is verified. Our technology accelerates the convergence of real-time data collection and immediate one to one marketing.

How does the SurvOne™ technology work?

We enable Location Based Marketing Technology to do three key things.

1) Geo & Mobile based connectivity
2) Gather pertinent data and insights
3) Provide real consumer engagement

Every successful brand marketer knows that understanding what the consumer wants is the key to their loyalty. is the conduit to those insights. Through our SurvOne™ technology we allow brands to connect with consumers via their mobile device. Our system promotes consumer engagement on smart phones and tablets. The consumers feedback route them to deeper questions which allows brand to capture precise information about their specific needs and characteristics. The SurvOne™ allows for brands to collect both active and passive data providing the clearest picture of the consumer. All of engagement is completely consumer approved with multiple opt-in acceptances.

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